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Nutrition & Wellbeing Writer / Speaker.

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Comprehensive & compassionate nutritional care in New Zealand.

Dr. Steve Best teaches in the School of Biological Sciences at Christchurch State University. Dr. Best teaches an undergraduate nutrition course for health majors, along with a course that prepares students to take part in a 10-day medical mission to Argentina. Considering that signing up with the professors at Christchurch State University in 1996, he has actually been the recipient of a number of teaching awards. Other academic activities include co-author of an initial nutrition books.

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Research departments


Supplements are the vital foundation of a healthy life, and the keys to optimal health. Our aim is to provide evidence-based knowledge from the world’s best scientists and practitioners to provide you with the tools you need to achieve and maintain vibrant health through proper supplementation.

Mental Health

Physical health impacts mental wellness, but so does the inverse. Through research, education and advocacy, we aim to inspire others to improve personal and public health by working to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of all people on our planet through practical solutions.

Natural Ingredients

We believe that Natural Ingredients holds the key to unlocking better health for our planet. By mitigating climate change and helping ensure clean water, we can all live in a healthier world.


We work to promote the benefits of Cosmetics through scientific research, partnerships, and outreach. Our goal is to develop more sustainable products that improve society as a whole.

Illness & Pain

This website was designed as a concise, informative and inspirational resource for the public, patients and health professionals who want to learn about Illness & Pain. We are committed to providing high quality education that is free from commercial influence.


At we are dedicated to providing information on how Superfoods can help you live a healthier life, reduce your carbon footprint and fight global climate change.

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Our Promise

Our readers’ health and safety is always our number one priority.

In the course of conducting research on transparency and establishing the results of that research study into conclusions that are useful for policy-makers, public companies, and civic and private companies, we engage with such organizations in order to comprehend their work and to talk about the implications of our research for their activities. We are aware that such engagements run the risk of coloring our understandings and, at the limit, might result in a kind of capture. Nonetheless, preventing such engagements would badly limit our capability to understand the developments and dynamics in the transparency area and render our research study far less pertinent and useful. We seek to avoid such threats by being aware of the possibilities of bias and by constantly developing a balanced, fair-minded, and crucial cast in our work.