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Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?
Steven Best, Ph.D., Anthony J. Nocella, II
Reviewed by W.P Hogan

As a decentralized underground movement, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) resists identification and analysis. This collection of two dozen wide-ranging essays uncovers the attitudes, politics, and tactics of animal liberation activists, and provides some history of the movement since its origins in Great Britain, and a bit later, in the US during the 1970's. Nearly all the contributors, including well-know activists Rod Coronado, Ingrid Newkirk, and Paul Watson, are from within the movement. Nevertheless, a range of views emerges. Several contributors, including Tom Regan, argue that destruction of property constitutes violence and the peaceful efforts should be exhausted before resorting to illegal methods. British, Native America, and feminist perspectives are presented. Some of the essays are scholarly and academic, others journalistic; still others are aflame with revolutionary rhetoric. Since 9/11, "terrorism" has taken on a new meaning, and several of the essayists explore the likelihood that all protest movements will be treated by the US government as if they are akin to Al-Qaeda in seeking to disrupt "homeland security." Appendixes and a brief list of contact resources are included. Summing Up: Recommended. Extensive animal liberation and radical movement collections, all levels."