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Professional Commentary on Dr. Steven Best, PhD

"In the fields of sociology, political science, environmental studies, and organization and management theory, the areas I stay most current in, Steve Best is a well-known and highly respected scholar. His books on critical social theory and postmodernism are must reading for researchers across the disciplines. They frequently find their way into Ph.D. seminars and other high level learning environments. His books are tremendous resources for research scholars interested in the philosophical underpinnings of various paradigmatic approaches. They provide a crucial foundation for advanced study and have served critically minded scholars well. The scope of his influence across disciplines, the comprehensiveness and rigor of the scholarship, and the passion for practical change to improve the world mark Steve's work and distinguish it. Indeed, there is a renaissance quality to this portfolio that is inspiring in its breadth, erudition and vision."

John M. Jermier, Ph.D
Exide Professor of Sustainable Enterprise Research Professor of Organizational Behavior College of Business University of South Florida
Editor, Organization & Environment


"Steve Best is what every philosopher should be. His commitment to reason is passionate; his dedication to fairness, uncompromising; his search for justice, unwavering. His scholarship is as deep as it is broad. A multiculturalist in the best sense, his exemplary work --whether in film or critical studies, moral or political philosophy -- gives philosophy a good name."

Tom Regan, Professor Emeritus, North Carolina State University


"It has been my pleasure to know Steven Best for the last 15 years and watch him evolve into a major contemporary writer and scholar. A prolific and wide-ranging author, he has made a truly international reputation for himself. Steve Best has been an active participant in a great many important discussions and activities, including the now very much-publicized debate on the critical sociology of science. I have always found Best to be a highly engaging philosopher, one who can apply philosophical insights with great clarity and significance, and is a delight to talk to about a wide range of topics."

Robert C. Solomon,
Quincy Lee Centennial Professor of Philosophy and Business and Distinguished Teaching Professor
University of Texas, Austin


“Best is a superb scholar, a lucid and challenging writer, and an original thinker who continues to break new ground in areas such as science and technology studies, ecology, and animal ethics. The trilogy of books he and I co-authored on postmodernism are widely acknowledged as among the best critical presentation of and developments of the topic. Best has a deep knowledge of biotechnology, contemporary developments in science, and ecology, and combines this with serious work in ethics and political economy, providing a strong framework for analyzing some of the most critical social issues of the day. His recent and current book projects -- Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? Reflections on the Liberation of Animals and Animal Rights and Moral Progress: The Struggle for Human Evolution -- are absolutely fascinating and clearly break new ground in ethics and social theory. Within a rich holistic context, he argues that the future of humanity is deeply problematic without a radical rethinking of its relationship to nature, requiring that we extend basic moral and legal rights to animals and formulate new cosmologies and species identities that account for our connectedness and interdependence with all living and natural processes. His work has made a deep impact on fields such as animal ethics, where many scholars speak of him along with Peter Singer and Tom Regan as one of the top thinkers in the field.”

Douglas Kellner,
George F. Kneller Philosophy of Education Chair
Graduate School of Education, UCLA.


“Steve Best is a high profile, articulate, and charismatic scholar, professor, and speaker, as well as a controversial, passionate advocate for environmental sustainability and compassion toward animals. He is a prolific scholar who writes lucidly and intelligently on diverse themes, including postmodern philosophy, animal rights, and environmental philosophy. He has the courage of his convictions, working not only as an intellectual but as an activist in the causes to which he is committed. He is the kind of scholar/teacher I value highly – one that pushes me to think more deeply and consistently. All too often college teachers have nothing to profess, and without the passion to do so, they breed indifference and even despair in their students. One need not agree with every position he takes, or argument he makes in arriving at it, to recognize that the value of voices challenging mainstream truths are often the ones looked back upon later as prophetic. Dr. Best may well be examined exactly in such a light before very long, along with a handful of others who are pushing us to reconsider the ways in which most of us, in occidental cultures perhaps especially, take for granted the other life-forms with whom we shear this planet.”

Bron Taylor,
Samuel S. Hill Eminent Scholar
Religion and Nature Program
University of Florida.


"Steve Best is one of the best minds and voices in the philosophical community. He is a thoughtful, courageous writer and an articulate, down-to-earth speaker. Every time I've seen him speak, the audience comes alive. Steve stirs people up, gets them to listen and think, and then the good discussion flows."

Jim Mason, author of An Unnatural Order: Uncovering the Roots of Our Domination of Nature and Each Other.


"Steve Best is among the most innovative and provocative ethicists and philosophers in the United States today. In an extraordinary range of award-winning books, articles, discussions, films, and interviews, he has been able to draw together a broad array of themes and arguments, thereby creating a challenging new context for thinking about social, political, and ethical issues."

Michael Becker, Professor of Political Science, California State University, Fresno


“Steve Best is one of the finest philosophers of his generation writing in the United States today. His scholarship is of the very highest quality and rigor; and his esteemed position among contemporary Critical Theorists is acknowledged by all those who work in the field. What really sets Best's work apart, though, is his ability to concretely apply social theory and philosophy to the burning issues of the day, and to write with a prose that illuminates complexity and impassions his readers. I continue to look to his work for fresh theoretical insights and compelling analyses of today's most pressing ethical and political issues."

Matt Calarco, Professor of Philosophy, Sweet Briar College


“In some ways the outstanding activist work of Dr. Steve Best obscures the exceptional academic research that he has produced. Steve Best is one of the strongest voices of contemporary philosophy, constantly reminding academics of the limits to our knowledge and encouraging critical reflection of our work. Over the course of 8 books and over a hundred articles and reviews, Best's work seems only to deepen, expand, and improve. Best's philosophical work if of the highest order, and has influenced generations of thinkers to be aware of their own position in regards to knowledge and action.”

Maxwell Schnurer, Ph.D.

“After Peter Singer and Tom Regan, Steve Best may be the most well-known animal rights scholar and advocate in the country. “

Mark Somma, Professor of Political Science, California State University, Fresno

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